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ComUnidad Juan Diego

Stati Uniti d'America - 8  agosto  2017


ComUnidad Juan Diego, a collaborative program sponsored by the Marist Provinces of the Arco NorteRegion and the Archdiocese of New York received a FMSI Micro-Projects grant of 5.000,00 Euros to supportan Academic Assistance/Tutoring program for elementary school students at Our Lady Queen of AngelsSchool and public school students from the East Harlem community.The project objectives outlined in our grant proposal were:Overall Objective:To assist Mexican and Latino students belonging to the ComUnidad Juan Diego with school and educationaldevelopment through academic tutoring which has communal, pastoral and relational qualities.Specific Objectives:1. To recruit, train and sustain volunteer tutors.2.

To advance the students’ academic results in English and Mathematics and other subjects3. To promote the students’ levels of school confidence (participation)4. To create a support community of students and tutors.3. RESULTS ACHIEVED1. Over thirty adult and student volunteers worked in the Academic Assistance/Tutoring Program. Ofparticular note was the significant participation of approximately 13 student volunteers from ourMarist School, Archbishop Molloy High School. In addition there were 9 student volunteers fromthree other Catholic High Schools. Most of the adult volunteers were members of St. Ignatius Loyolaparish in NYC. Significant attention was given to the training of each of the volunteers in childprotection and various methods of effective tutoring.2.

With the support of the Assistant Principal of Our Lady Queen of Angels School the program had twomain foci: the development of skills, specifically, ability successfully to do mathematical wordproblems and to develop writing skills. Nearly 50 young people participated.3. In general, each of the students who participated in the program realized an improvement in his/heracademic report cards and on standardized testing.4. At the conclusion of the program in June many of the student volunteers stated that they felt thatthey personally gained more from working in the program than they contributed. They felt that theirlives were personally enriched from being with the young people in ComUnidad Juan Diego.

The ComUnidad Juan Diego Academic/Assistance program will begin its fourth year in September 2017. Ithas become one of the key features of the ComUnidad Juan Diego Program. Both the students, their parentsand the student and adult volunteers seem to be deeply committed to the program.During the upcoming academic year several members of the Marist East Harlem Community will work withthe Assistant Principal of Our Lady Queen of Angels School to both direct and further enhance the quality ofthe program.It is hoped that the number of students participating in the program will increase and that the program willbegin to include more students from the local public schools.

The latter is particularly important becausethese young people tend to be at significant academic risk.4. NOTESThe Marist staff and, in particular, the young people of ComUnidad Juan Diego are very grateful to FMSI forits very generous funding over the course of the past two years. As a result of this important support theprogram was able to address the wider issue of skills development, enabled students to realize measureableimprovement in their academic grades, and helped the students to improve their academic self-confidence.This past year the General Administration of the Marist Brothers designated the Marist East Harlemcommunity which sponsors ComUnidad Juan Diego as a LaValla 200 Community. Consequently, therehopefully will be a more stable, Marist international presence both in the community and in the CJD project.

In September 2017 there will be one Marist Brother from the USA, a Marist layman from Brazil, a MaristBrother from Paraguay, and a Marist laywoman from Mexico.Financial sustainability continues to be an ongoing challenge for ComUnidad Juan Diego. The MaristProvince of the USA is engaged in ongoing discussions about this issue with the Marist provinces of ArcoNorte and with the Archdiocese of New York.